Mt. Washington Auto Road is open for the 154th season as America’s first and oldest man-made attraction!

Summer season:
Mid May
Mid October: Guided Tours or drive yourself

For over 150 years , friends and families have driven, toured and explored the Mt. Washington Auto Road making it the first and oldest man-made attraction in the entire country!

Completed and opened to the public in 1861, the privately-owned and operated Auto Road climbs 4,618 feet from the base and reaches more than a mile in the sky to the highest point in the Northeast at 6,288 feet. Acting as the crown of the Presidential Range, access on the Mt. Washington Auto Road remains available via privately-owned vehicles beginning at the Toll House at the base, or by guided tours which begin across the street in the scenic Great Glen base lodge.

Located just 25 minutes north of North Conway, our unique location in Pinkham Notch at the base of Mt. Washington offers spectacular views up to the Great Gulf Wilderness and the Presidential Mountain Range. Directions>>


When the snow flies, join us for a comfortable tour to an extreme world at 4,200 feet!

Winter season:
December – April 5:
SnowCoach Tours to 4,200ft

The Mt. Washington SnowCoach
Your adventure begins as you board a Mt Washington SnowCoach and peaks as you enter into a treeless, subarctic zone at 4300 feet above sea level. For 75 minutes, your tour on Mount Washington will be filled with memories and photography of the most amazing mountain on the planet. Witness stunning winter views into New England’s largest Glacial Cirque…The Great Gulf Wilderness and surrounding Presidential Mountain Range.

Continue your day of family fun and adventure at Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center with snow tubing, cross country skiing or lunch with the best views around at the Glen View Café.


This remarkable environment puts on a one of a kind show each and every day—the bluest skies imaginable with views that never end, or the shifting light and textures of a weather event are all equally compelling for those who love the outdoors…and in the winter you can take it all in from the comfortable Mt. Washington SnowCoach, while your guide shares fascinating facts and legends that have contributed to Mt. Washington’s fabled past. Make your own family history this winter with a journey up the greatest White Mountain!