Rain, Rain Go Away!

We are now open to the summit for our 150th Anniversary Season, weather permitting, of course. With rain in the forecast everyday this week, don’t assume we are closed. Just make sure to call ahead because we are almost always open to 4.5 miles, which is above treeline. If you are looking to visit the Auto Road this week for 100-mile views, that seems unlikely. But, it’s a great time to experience the changing vegetation zones and the fun of wind and fog that is mountain weather. Once you get above treeline, it’s a whole different world and the only things that exist are lichen, some very tough alpine flowers, a little bit of grass and thousands of rocks. If it’s windy, well, when it’s windy, you’ll love being engulfed by the fog and clouds as if you were floating in the air. If we are open to the summit the toll includes an audio tour on CD or cassette, access to the Mt. Washington Observatory Museum and the special one of a kind envelope. What’s in that special envelope? Driving instructions, a scavenger hunt for the kids so they can become official Auto Road Rangers, the Master of the Mountain Certificate and the famous bumper sticker.  If you stick it to your car and return on our birthday August 8th, you’ll receive free passage up the Road. So bring your rain coat and your sense of adventure for a day on the mountain you will never forget! -Meg

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  • Mario Lefebvre

    I like mt

  • Elizabeth Strait

    hi meg!
    great blog entry as it truly describes another great aspect of Mt. Wash’s weather-wonders! drats, the alpine flower jpgs were June, 2007, but i’m confident you & team will blog the 2011 debut of these tiny gems! we happened to drive by on Rt. 16 yesterday as the fog parted and glorious sunshine was welcomed by all…flowers and folks! glorious! glorious!