Speakeasy- A Night to Remember

Wow!!! What an evening. The Speakeasy last Friday night was a hit. Guests were greeted outside by gals in flapper dresses with colorful feathers and boas. As you made your way through the double doors to a low lit living room setting guests checked in with Mary to get tickets, and chips for gambling. They then proceeded to the other side of the living room and to the Speakeasy door (constructed just for this evening).

Knock a few times and the small dark window slid open rather quickly and abruptly. The profile of the mans face appeared and asked in a low gruff voice “Who sent ya!??” Hearts raced hoping they had the correct password to get in. “H..H..Howie” was the reply with some hesitation. The window closed with a bang. The door opened and with a tip of the doorman’s hat, they were welcomed to the swank Ostrich Club! 

Sultry jazz was playing and guests were greeted by the owner who escorted them to the casino area.

The Ostrich Club was complete with Blackjack tables, a craps table, a roulette wheel, performances on the stage, and a speakeasy bar.  Hors d’ourves were served at high top tables wrapped in white and topped with tall white ostrich feathers.

On the second floor the Sap House Meadery had many samples of their many varieties of mead which is honey wine- delicious!!  The Wheel of Fortune was spun by two beautifully adorned flapper girls. At the end of the night, guests could  turn in their winnings for tickets towards over 30 raffle prizes from various businesses and local attractions.

Arts In Motion Theater Company benefited from the evening as they created the Speakeasy environment with various props and talented actors and actresses.  The night was incredible, with just about everyone dressed in attire from the 1920’s.  Guests departed that evening with laughter, smiles and great memories of a unforgettable night at the Speakeasy!

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  • Colleen Bousquet

    Great pictures….we had so much fun…what a great partnership with mt Washington auto rd and arts in motion…..

    Thank you…
    Colleen…aka..Iris…one of the “twins”