The opening weekend of 2011

The weather sure did cooperate for the opening of our 150 year old Auto Road this past weekend!

The road is currently open to 4,200′, which is just above treeline.  On Saturday and Sunday we had quite a few vacationers visit us who were from Germany and Switzerland as well as from the US. There was a lot of excitement from guests about all of our events this summer, so be sure to check out our events calendar. Right now we’re getting the top half of the road ready, signage is being put in place, there are still a few remaining ice flows across the road up in the 7 mile area so we’re chiseling them away plus the Five Mile Grade, which as most of you know is gravel, has got to be graded and packed. There is a chance we might open to the summit this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for great weather over the next few days and I’ll keep you updated here and on our Facebook Page. -Meg

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  • marilyn clarkson

    I hope you will get the road open all the way to the top by Saturday because I want to take my parents up. It might be their last trip; they are 85. They haven’t been up the auto road for many years. We have reservsations at the Mt Washington Hotel main dining room at 6:oo pm. I will be graduating with my Masters from PSU that morning so we are all celebrating. What could be more inspiring than the top of Mt. Washington!!! Please keep this website current as we will check Saturday morning before we strike out for the big day.

  • Brian

    Please update Summit opening or halfway only on Friday.