Sesquicentennial Gala

This was our 150th birthday extravaganza!

Check out the blog and see how much fun we had!

August 6, 2011  |  5:30pm – 11:00pm

Cocktails, dinner, a living history presentation, toasts, live music, dancing, and fireworks celebrated the sesquicentennial.

Dancers in Victorian costume welcomed guests as the evening began with a cocktail hour and music from a bygone era.  An elegant dinner inspired by an 1890s Glen House menu set the mood for the evening. After dinner featured a living history presented by Darby Field as he took guests through the  Mount Washington Carriage Road evolution. A champagne toast, birthday cake and fireworks all celebrated 150 years while guests danced the night away with the band Center Stage.   Guests were requested to wear Victorian, vintage dress or formal attire.