A Ride on the SnowCoach with Exciting Weather!

It is great to be driving the SnowCoach again thanks to the Nor’easter on Feb 8th and 9th! Here is a brief overview of my trips last week:

On Tuesday, passengers got to experience a sample of the “world’s worst weather”. The first trip had gusts over 50 mph with the winds on later trips approaching almost 70 mph (with blowing and drifting snow)! Awesome weather and you wouldn’t really know it from the sunny conditions at the base. As the day progressed, a large snow drift formed just below “OMG Corner” which became a great visual of what can happen with the right conditions in a short amount of time.

Friday saw warm and mostly sunny conditions. Clouds did increase over the day but the weather highlight was the soft and beautiful rime ice on the branches at tree-line. I also dropped off a couple who snowshoed down from winter the turn-around point and try to do this a few times a year.


Saturday’s trips experienced a slowly rising ceiling. During the first trip, we were among the clouds starting about 3,000 ft making for a beautiful New England winter scene. Stepping out at “Gov’t Sign” was actually relatively warm (still below freezing) with a nonexistent wind. By the final trip of the day, the sun was trying to peek through the clouds and the base had risen just enough to almost completely reveal the northern presidentials. I also had a future meteorologist on one of the trips. :-)


Looking forward to vacation week!


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