We now have a brand new HideAway!

The HideAway is one of our three souvenir shops here at the Auto Road. It is located just beyond   the Toll House as you start your trip to the summit. For many years we’ve been bothered by the fact that the only restroom facilities open to the public after you go through the Toll House were portable toilets (until you get to the summit). We also knew that the shop was too small and too close to the gas pumps. So we decided to double the size and put fully accessible restrooms in the building. If you visit the Auto Road be sure to stop by, maybe even sit on the porch to take in the view of the Carter Moriahs!

What did we do with the old Hideaway? We recycled it, like we have done with many of our smaller buildings. It is now our new Carl Johnson Memorial Timing Building which is used for various races and for Nordic Meisters, the largest (and most fun!) weekly winter cross country race series in the country! -Meg

See the progress below

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