Sunrise Drives Begin on Mt. Washington!

The Mt. Washington Auto Road’s first Sunrise Drive of 2010 will be held on Sunday, June 27. The Toll House will open at 3:30am for private vehicles affording guests an opportunity to view the magic of sunrise on Mt. Washington.

Now in their third year, the Mt. Washington Auto Road’s Sunrise Drives have delighted visitors with some amazing sunrises. On clear mornings, guests have seen the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. However, on mornings when the summit is in the clouds, the Mt. Washington Auto Road staff has found points lower on the mountain that have provided terrific viewings. In fact, the combination of rising sun and cloud cover has created some of the most spectacular displays of color seen during the Sunrise Drives.

Two additional Sunrise Drives will be offered in 2010 on July 25 and August 29.

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