The first snow….

is always so exciting. We know it’s not going to last when it comes this early in the season but it still makes for a delightful sight. Driving into work from below the notch was disappointing, there was no snow! As I climbed in elevation through Pinkham Notch –learn more about Pinkham Notch here my eyes grew bigger and the frown turned into a huge smile. It was snowing pretty hard and about two inches blanketed the area.

Arriving at the Auto Road made my day – a Winter Wonderland!  I was attending the Northern NH Tourism Conference in Crawford Notch and couldn’t stick around to enjoy it, but Ernie, Regina, Susan, Mike, Nate and Chara had a blast playing in it!








The snow piled up to about 4 inches and made for a fun day!





Check out more of our photos on Facebook by photographer Ernie Mills.

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  • Henry “Bob” Bickel

    I can’t believev that everyone is in shorts!!
    Ernie is a great photographer, I went on a Sunrise shoot with him this past summer and we were able to get some incredible shots. I strongly recommend that you really “push” those opportunities with him. I only wish I wasn’t ~350 miles away, I’d love to be able to take the shots that he gets each day.

  • meg

    For some of us it’s hard to say goodbye to summer. Glad you enjoyed yourself with Ernie, he will be working here this winter so stay tuned to our Facebook and his as we share his albums.