The Green Glow of the Night Sky!

One of the cool things about living up in the Notch is access to the night sky for photographs. Monday night November 13th was one of those nights for sure. I actually got the heads up about a Northern Light Show that had begun from a Mt. Washington Weather Obs Facebook posting. I’ve seen the show in the sky several times before, but never for this long. I went out to the parking lot at the Mt. Washington Auto Road around 11:00p.m. and could immediately see the Aurora Borealis out on the horizon north towards Gorham. I got a few shots off, made some camera adjustments and sat on the grass to enjoy the light show. After midnight, the pillars began to shoot up and into the night sky. The whole scene became brighter the later it got.

A spectacular green haze bank across the sky formed. My exposures ranged between 20 seconds and 2 minutes. This shot of the Snow Coach was a tough one, as I wasn’t sure how to light up the van. The colors in the sky were brilliant and I decided to wave a few passes of light from my Petzl headlamp onto the vehicle. It took a couple of tries, but it did the trick.

Look forward to the next round of color from the north! -Ernie
See more great shots at Ernie Mills or on his Facebook page.

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  • greta moran

    Just love your photography Ernie! You capture a story with each shot you take!! Love you postings!! Thanks!!

  • Greg Thorup

    These are excellent pictures, and they would make a great submission to the gallery section of Sky and Telescope magazine. They published two articles (Feb. and March 2013) on photographing aurora.

  • meg

    Thank you Greg, we will look into that!