Mt. Washington Auto Road’s 150th Anniversary, 2011

Celebrated in 2011

Col. Joseph Thompson completes the first ascent of the Mt. Washington Carriage Road.

First opened in 1861, the Mt. Washington Auto Road is America’s Oldest Manmade Attraction, and we celebrated with special events and commemorations throughout the year. The world has grown and changed around the Road, but the route to the summit remains the same. When first opened as the Mt. Washington Carriage Road, Abraham Lincoln was president and the Union was made up of 34 states. In fact, the Road preceded many of today’s most common items: the telephone, light bulb and the camera. The following is how we celebrated that history in 2011.

Here’s a look at the special events we hosted in 2011.

150th Spring Clearing
Alton Weagle Day
Climb to the Clouds
Mt. Washington Carriage Road Old Home Day
Mt. Washington Carriage Road Weekend
150th Birthday of the Mt. Washington Auto Road
Sesquicentennial Gala
Mt. Washington Auto Road Staff Reunion
Muster in the Mountains
Speakeasy – a 1920s Casino Night
150th Memorabilia for Sale!