To the Summit, if Mother Nature Cooperates!

The countdown continues…  We’re working away on the upper mountain to get open for tomorrow, May 14! We have been receiving many questions and comments about opening to the summit this weekend and for some of you it has special meaning, like celebrating a college graduation and driving your parents to the summit. Our plans as of now are to open the Road all the way to the top, however, the weather always makes that final decision. Sometimes we have to modify that decision halfway through the day, so we could start with summit status and if the rain comes pouring down, have to then close the top half of the road, or vise versa. The Five Mile Grade has a gravel surface which is getting graded today, so it has been packed down to some extent but has not seen any substantial amount of traffic to really compact it so it will withstand lots of rain. With the forecast involving rain for portions of the weekend, make sure to call ahead and we’ll provide you with the most current status, (603) 466 3988. But don’t let a little rain deter you from experiencing the Auto Road, it adds to the adventure, after all, we are Home to the World’s Worst Weather!

For those of you who prefer to let us do the driving, Guided Tours will begin May 21. The gift shop here in the Lodge will open tomorrow May 14 for all things Auto Road. See you on the road! -Meg

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  • Brian

    Thanks Meg! Not to get any oneout of bed early tomorrow….but how EARLY is the decision and more importantly WHATE TIME will the POSTING on decision of opening to top going to be made, please. For those that live several hours away… Not the lucky ones who live so close!
    Thanks to all the crew for your efforts!

  • David

    is the cog open?

  • howie

    Their phone message says they are open to the summit Saturday and Sunday with 10:30 and 1:30 trains.

  • Sibel

    Exactly where is the facebook like link ?

  • meg

    If you visit our Facebook page, Mt Washington Auto Road, it’s on the front page to the right of our name.