Vehicle Restrictions

Safety considerations dictate that some vehicles cannot be permitted on the Auto Road:

  • Jaguar, Saturn and Sterling autos with automatic transmissions must show a “1” or “L” or “S” on the shifter to be allowed on the Auto Road. Transmissions showing an “S” must demonstrate that this shifter will allow the transmission to be locked into 1st gear.  Model year 2009 and earlier Honda and Acura vehicles must meet the same requirements as described above.  Model year 2010 and later Honda and Acura vehicles are all allowed regardless of transmission type.
  • Maximum wheelbase on any vehicle: 161 inches (This excludes many club cab pickups and limousines).
  • Maximum width on any vehicle: 85 inches including mirrors (mirrors may be folded in to achieve this width).
  • No Hummers, except H-2 & H-3.
  • No trailers, RV’s, campers or vans converted to RV’s.
  • No mopeds or scooters.
  • No dual wheeled vehicles.
  • No pickups with permanent additions that extend wider than the cab (campers, rack bodies, or very wide mirrors).
  • Some former police cars and taxis have the 1st gear locked out and cannot be allowed on the road.
  • No Lincoln Continentals 1969 or earlier.
  • No bicycles.

Weight Limits:

The weight limits below are referring to passenger and luggage weight, not the weight of your vehicle. These are approximate numbers used as guidelines.

  • Full size car or wagon: 900lbs
  • Mid sized car & compact cars: 900lbs
  • Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager prior to 1996: 600lbs
  • Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager 1996 and newer: 900lbs
  • All other mini-vans: 900lbs
  • 3/4 or 1/2 ton van, pickup or SUV: 900lbs
  • One-ton van or pickup: 1050lbs

ATVs on the Auto Road:

Individual ATV traffic is not allowed on the Mount Washington Auto Road. However, we welcome well-organized ATV groups who have reserved with us in advance. Rides during regular operating hours as well as special evening rides preceded by a barbeque at the base of the Auto Road are available. Group rides have a 35-vehicle minimum for day trips and a 30-vehicle minimum for evening trips. Call 603.466.3988 or email

OHRV Trail Bikes will not be permitted on the Auto Road unless they are registered for highway use.

ATV restrictions:

  • The operator must have a valid driver’s license and registration with them.
  • Only one person to an ATV unless it is factory designed for two people. No aftermarket add-on seats are allowed.
  • Vehicles must travel single file.
  • The vehicle must be operated on the normal Auto Road surface only. There are no ATV trails and no off-road terrain is available on Mount Washington.

Important note: To be in line with NH RSA 215-A concerning OHRV registrations, all ATVs must have a NH registration or the visiting club must obtain an event permit from the NH Fish and Game Department. (Off Highway Recreational Vehicles Event Permit-RSA 215-A:30).

For more information about registration, visit a NH OHRV FAQ page . For information about NH RSA 215-A, click here.

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