Alt Energy Summit

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Alt energy summit, mt washigton auto roadMt. Washington Auto Road Alt Energy Summit presented in 2014 by the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative showcased examples of what technologies are currently available on the open market, including electric, propane, bio-diesel, compressed natural gas, hybrid electric, as well as showing entrepreneurs who are developing their own versions of alternative power.  Join us on July 25, 2015 for this summer version of this great event – details coming soon.

“The Mt. Washington Auto Road has seen the evolution of transportation play out on its eight mile path to the summit. Considering that the first motor vehicle to ever go up was a steam powered Stanley Locomobile in 1899, it seems very appropriate that we showcase how alternative energy technologies have evolved since then.” – Howie Wemyss, General Manager of the Mt. Washington Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.

For all the details including participant registration visit the Official Alt Energy Summit website here!

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An electric car charging station is available at the Auto Road. It’s a Clipper Creek CS-90 that’s located on the lodge side of Rt 16 (opposite to the entrance where you drive yourself). It’s on the left side of the Red Barn Museum behind the lodge. Currently there is no cost but we do appreciate donations which can be made at the station. Read the press release here.