Alt Energy Summit

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

The Washington Auto Road Alt Energy Summit presented by the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative is one of the largest gatherings of renewable energy transportation in New England. FREE to the public, this event is set to feature major manufacturers, electric vehicle enthusiasts, industry suppliers and individual “makers” and inventors as the Auto Road continues as a proving ground and playground for new and evolving technologies.

Celebrating it’s 40th year, the 2015 Alt Energy Summit will be featuring what may be the most impressive list of builders, manufacturers and organizations in attendance. This list includes the first-ever, bacon-fueled bio-diesel motorcycle, Entropy Racing‘s revolutionary Electric Vehicle Sports Racer (EVSR), and the current land speed record holding electric motorcycle, Electrafunk Racing’s Electracutioner.

“We’re delighted to celebrate forty years of innovation and experimentation in renewable transportation. The event started in the years of the Energy Crisis of the mid ’70s, and what was then considered “alternative” and slightly off-beat, is now mainstream, as can be seen by the Plug-In Electric, Hybrid, and Biodiesel vehicles that come to our event every year. The Mt. Washington Auto Road has seen the evolution of transportation play out on its eight-mile path to the summit. Today, that evolution leads to a future that is 100% renewable.” -Howie Wemyss, GM of the Mt Washington Auto Road

Visitors can watch the parade of vehicles in the Auto Road’s main field, follow them to the summit as they make their bid, or stroll the field and chat with owners and builders once they return.  Presentations at 1:00PM and 2:30PM are free and open to all.

For all the details including participant registration visit the Official Alt Energy Summit website here!

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Three electric car charging stations are available at the Auto Road. Two Tesla car chargers and a Clipper Creek CS-90 are located on the lodge side of Rt 16 (opposite to the entrance where you drive yourself). They are located on the left side of the Red Barn Museum behind the lodge. Currently there is no cost but we do appreciate donations which can be made at the stations.