Hiker Shuttle

The Mt. Washington Auto Road offers a shuttle service from the top of Mt. Washington back to the AMC Pinkham Notch Camp, the Great Gulf Trailhead and the base of the Auto Road as well as one-way up trips for those hiking down. The hiker shuttle does not go to the western side of the mountain (Cog Base). This service is available on most days during the summer months. However, because of limited seating and the extreme weather on Mt. Washington which may cause the Auto Road to be closed, you should always assume that you may have to hike down as well as up. Be prepared to hike back down. Hikers: Please read this entire page to more fully enjoy your Mt. Washington experience.

hikershuttlepageTickets for one-way up may be purchased at the Stage Office at the base of the Auto Road.  If your hike will end at the AMC Pinkham Notch facility, you can call us to come get you there in the morning before we bring you to the summit (no extra charge). The first hiker shuttle up leaves our base around 9 am, after that it operates on demand with possible waits of an hour or more. Prices are listed below. The shuttle operates 7 days a week, late May – early October, weather permitting.

Tickets for one-way down may be purchased on top of the mountain at the Summit Stage Office (the building chained to the ground at the top of the parking lot stairs). Because of the difficulty in estimating one’s hiking time and the unpredictable nature of Mt. Washington’s weather, reservations cannot be accepted nor can tickets be purchased in advance. If the weather turns bad during your hike to the summit, for your own safety you should turn back.

There can be no guarantee of a ride down from the summit of Mt. Washington.

Daily Operation for one-way down trips is from approx. 11:00am to 4:00pm weather permitting.
Please visit www.hikesafe.com before your hike.
See www.mountwashington.org/weather/forecast.php for daily summit forecast.

2016 season prices for one way up or one way down:
$31 per Adult
$26 per Senior (62 & over)
$13 per Child (5-12 yrs)

Large packs or dogs (dogs only allowed on one-way down trips) that occupy a seat may be charged as child passengers.

Prices for one-way down tickets purchased after 4:00pm until shuttle has left the summit:
Subject to change for 2016
$50 per Adult
$40 per Senior (62 and older)
$20 per Child (5-12 yrs)

After the hiker shuttle has left the summit for the day transportation becomes limited or impossible.  If we are able to provide transportation, costs are as follows:
$200.00 base rate for dispatching vehicle from the base PLUS:
$50 per Adult
$40 per Senior (62 and older)
$20 per Child (5-12 yrs)

Large packs or dogs (dogs only allowed on one-way down trips) that occupy a seat may be charged as child passengers.

There is no hiker shuttle available after the Auto Road closes for the day.

We reserve the right to charge additional fees for extraordinary services rendered to rescue hikers. For example, any after hours trips, trips involving 4 wheel drive or trips involving ice or snow travel. Plan ahead, know the weather forecast and know the limits of everyone in your hiking party.

Hikers who find themselves stranded on the summit after hours in severe weather and require outside assistance from Mt Washington State Park or NH Fish & Game personnel to provide shelter or transport services fall under NH RSA 206:26-bb and NH RSA 153-A:24 for negligent conduct and may be subject to prosecution and state fines.

Hitchhiking on the Auto Road is not allowed as this can lead to unsafe weight loads in the vehicle on this steep mountain road.

For more information, email or call (603) 466-3988.