The Mt. Washington SnowCoach

Climb aboard a Mt. Washington SnowCoach for a comfortable winter tour to an extreme world at treeline!

The Mt. Washington SnowCoach is a custom-designed tour vehicle which climbs up to treeline on Mt. Washington (at approximately 4,200 feet) for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Powered by a 4-track, all-wheel-powered drive-train, the 9 passenger Mt. Washington SnowCoach transports guests (weather permitting) into a sub-arctic world at treeline for a truly unforgettable adventure … which anyone of any age will enjoy!

What can you expect on a SnowCoach tour?

Mt. Washington SnowCoaches leave the base area of the Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center and climb up about 4.5 miles, or two thirds of the way to the summit.

Upon arrival at the “Top of the Tour”, passengers are invited to exit the SnowCoach for a few minutes for photos and video opportunities before climbing back aboard for the downward journey back to the base (you can also snowshoe down if you choose!).

At times views can be breathtaking overlooking the protected Great Gulf Wilderness and the Presidential mountain range. At other times high winds and snow can be experienced allowing passengers to witness the extreme conditions which Mount Washington is so well known for. At all times the warmth and safety of the SnowCoach are just steps away.

How do you plan your tour?

Although we hope to operate every day of the winter season, the weather and trail conditions on Mount Washington are unpredictable and at times limit our operation schedule.

Please call ahead – (603) 466-2333 – to be sure we are operating the day of your visit.

For the reasons mentioned, we are unable to reserve SnowCoach tickets in advance and operate on a first-come, first served basis.

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More about the Mt. Washington SnowCoach

Operating hours are approximately 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. early in the season), depending on weather and snow conditions. Guided winter tours aboard the Mt. Washington SnowCoaches are approximately 1¼ hour long and depart daily from December through March from the Great Glen Trails base lodge at the base of Mt. Washington on a first come, first served basis. *Due to the popularity of these tours we urge you to arrive here as early as possible as we often sell out. We start selling tickets at 8:30am. Advance reservations are not available due to unpredictable weather and snow conditions.

Questions and Answers about the Mt. Washington SnowCoach

SnowCoach operating status and Great Glen Trails daily conditions

What’s NEW about the Mt. Washington SnowCoach

Wrapped in a sleek new custom graphic, two of our four Mt.Washington SnowCoaches has been converted to propane as a cleaner burning fuel and all of them have been fitted with a more aggressive track system making it more reliable in extreme terrain conditions. Learn more!

Looking to buy a great gift?

SnowCoach tours make great gifts! Gift certificates are available by calling (603) 466-3988 or emailing