Help Solve a Mt. Washington Mystery- Who Are These Stage Drivers?

PINKHAM NOTCH, NH– The faces stare intently at you, as if the curtain of time has been drawn back and you can speak to the ten men assembled in this picture.
Stage-DriversWEBThe Mt. Washington Auto Road is seeking the answer to a question that has been asked for more than a century-who were the stage drivers in this historic photograph? It is hoped that members of the public might recognize an old family member and shed some light on this mountain mystery.

The year is certainly pre-1900…The men are dressed in uniforms–somewhat formal, yet well worn three piece suits and each wears his hat in way that shows unique personality. The group has gathered on and around the front of a Concord Coach (one of New Hampshire’s most famous early exports and a regular sight carrying travelers on the route through Pinkham Notch).

The same barn roofline which is evident in the background of the picture can still be seen at the base of the Auto Road today. Unfortunately, one cannot see which of the three Glen House Hotels which were there over the years is open for business (which would have helped date the photograph).

“Some early photographs are so compelling because of the expressive faces that can seem so familiar. The men pictured are clearly a professional and interesting looking bunch of characters, which is something they certainly share with the men and women who drive stages on the today’s Auto Road!” noted Steven Caming, Media Director of the Mt. Washington Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center. “There are so many amazing archival images that exist for a business that opened to the public in 1861, but this stage driver photograph has always been very special and we’re hoping to find out more about who these men were,” he added.

Individuals who feel they might recognize anyone in the picture are encouraged to contact the Mt. Washington Auto Road at (603) 466-3988 or online at


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  • Walt Westcott

    Che ck the 1880 census,Carroll county,NH. In the search if you enter Coach Driver or stage Driver male the return gives you a list in the county of at least 10 men on the first page who live in your surrounds . This many drivers in a result should give you a list of names to work with .Y ou will be able to narrow down your research. Good luck!