Pumpkin People!

It’s that time of year when the days are becoming chilly and the forest seems to be on fire with the changing of the leaves. It’s also the time of year for Pumpkin People! We participate in the annual Return of the Pumpkin People Festival now in its 25th year and create a scene using pumpkins. Along with 73 other business’ who have worked hard brainstorming, creating, building, gluing, and painting we have come up with a scene we titled –

Old “Pumpkin” Man of the Mountain.

It took 222 small pumpkins and one gourd to make the Old Man come to life. The family enjoys the crisp air while gazing up at the profile and the little boy even has binoculars. The scene is complete with an audio recording of first and last interview with the Old Man before he left us in May 2003. Come see the Old Pumpkin Man of the Mountains and enjoy the foliage!










To take a trip on a self guided tour click here for a complete list of participating properties.

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