Bike Week

The weather hasn’t cooperated very well so far this week, but there is hope. It looks like the next two days will be much better! The gravel will have a chance to dry out now that the rain has stopped and the sun has started to shine on it. Yesterday we had 227 motorcycles make the climb, including this Boom Trike!

This group from Massachusetts and New Hampshire got their grillin’ on in our picnic area and had their own Ride to the Sky t-shirts made.
With the improving weather, we expect many many motorcycles to visit the Auto Road, so be kind and patient to your fellow bikers and other tourists. See you on the Hill!

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  • Roy Webber

    Hi, how many motorcycles went to the top of Mt Washington on 6-16-11? Thanks Roy

  • ryan

    Hi Roy, We saw more than 2700 motorcycles here on Ride to the Sky Thursday. Pretty awesome!