Alternative Energy Weekend – September 14th-15th, 2013

PINKHAM NOTCH, NH-Continuing its historic role as a proving and playground for new and evolving technologies, the Mt. Washington Auto Road will be hosting a new “Alternative Energy Weekend-The Powers That Be” event on September 14-15, 2013. Given the proliferation of vehicles on the road fueled by alternative sources, this event will bring together examples of what technologies are currently available on the open market, including electric, propane, bio-diesel, compressed natural gas, hybrid electric, as well as inviting entrepreneurs who are developing their own versions of alternative power.


The Moonbeam- about 100 miles to the gallon

Categories of vehicles welcome to participate include cars, trucks motorcycles and bicycles, although unique one of a kind creations are also encouraged. An Energy Expo Exhibit area is planned, which will include vehicle manufacturers, related alternative energy businesses and historic vehicles which have ascended Mt. Washington by other than gas powered engines. Exhibits and information regarding other sustainable energy sources will also be featured, including hydro-electric, wind power, solar power and geo-thermal.

Various related organizations and interested individuals on a statewide, regional and national level are planning to participate and others who are interested are invited to contact the Mt. Washington Auto Road to discuss the possibilities.


The Raven

“The Mt. Washington Auto Road has seen the evolution of transportation play out on its eight mile path to the summit. Considering that the first motor vehicle to ever go up was a steam powered Stanley Locomobile in 1899, it seems very appropriate that we showcase how alternative energy technologies have evolved since then,” said Howie Wemyss, General Manager of the Mt. Washington Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center.

For more information about the “Alternative Energy Weekend–The Powers That Be” event at the Mt. Washington Auto Road call (603) 466-3988.


Electric car from 1979

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  • Charles MacArthur

    The Sebing Vanguard Citicar shown was one of perhaps the first production in 1974, a six battery 36 volt unit which sold for a little over $1600. Senator Olympia Snowe drove this early car to a campaign rally while campaigning successfully for her seat in the U S House of Representatives.
    Later, while Governor of Maine, now Senator Angus King took a trial spin in the first Corbin Sparrow 1 on the streets of Augusta. Senator King now an independent occupies the seat recently vacated by Senator Snowe. In just a short time great progress had been made, so it is appropriate to anticipate that the 2013 gathering at Mt. Washington should be a further great leap forward.


  • Mark Jannini

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  • Derek

    Is this event ‘open to the public’ as long as you have a car meeting the criteria? I drive a Chevy Volt and would love to come along.

  • meg

    Hi Derek, yes it is open to the public! If you are looking to participate there is a link to the registration form on the Alt Energy Summit webpage:
    See you then!

  • Jason

    My wife and I are looking forward to this weekend and we will be taking our Chevy Volt