Finished on the 5 mile, we hope.

Despite the concoction of weather Mt. Washington has come up with for the crew this week; sun, rain, sleet, strong winds, massive snow melt and warm temps, they have been hard at work finishing the 5 mile and should be done tackling Cragway Drift today. When I say finishing the 5 mile, I mean removing most of the snow. A thick layer of snow and ice is kept on the road to help with traction for the Snowcat and backhoe and to protect the gravel surface. In fact, the snow line is still way down below halfway which requires chains for safe travel. While pushing snow off the road is important, clearing the culverts is crucial so all the melting snow can run under the road and there is a lot of melting going on. The plan is to start up the 6 mile tomorrow and I’ll be up there supervising, I mean…. getting pictures.

The crew is up there just beyond those clouds.

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  • bill hayes

    i plan to ride up the road this june on my motorcycle i hope it’s cleared.