The Bumper Sticker

“This Car Climbed Mt. Washington”

This Car Climbed Mt. Washington Bumper StickerYou’ve seen the Bumper Sticker. Now, it’s time to get your own. Ever wonder why people brag about their car driving up a hill? Then you’ve never done it. It’s an adventure unlike any other in the Northeast.

Where in the World?

People have told us that they see the Bumper Sticker all over the world. Now, we want you to show us yours.

Send us a photo with three things: the Bumper Sticker, your car (or motorcycle!) and an interesting setting. We’ll post it on our website.

•    Show us your trip to a National Park
•    Show us your hometown in Maytag, Iowa or Kirchgoens, Germany
•    Show us the Bumper Sticker (legally) attached to other vehicles

Please e-mail your digital photos to