“One of the brightest gems in the New England weather is the dazzling uncertainty of it.”

– Mark Twain

Man leaning against strong wind at Mount Washington Summit

Mount Washington is home to the “world’s worst weather.” Not only was the highest wind speed ever recorded by a manned weather station found on Mount Washington (231 mph), but the weather on the summit can go from sunny and calm to foggy and rainy in a matter of minutes. Quite simply: the weather is spectacular and part of the adventure. Of course, we do have crystal blue skies and unlimited views, but those aren’t the only reasons to take the drive.

Get a live look at the weather on Mount Washington direct from the Mt Washington Observatory.

Each spring, the snows of winter remain on the Auto Road, and it is quite a process to open the Road for Memorial Day weekend. Learn about the process of opening the Auto Road and see videos of just what it takes.