The Sun!!

After days and days of rain and clouds the sun has returned to shine on the mountains again. What a beautiful sight! The gravel section of the road is drying out and firming up for safe travel. The sun made its debut wonderfully this morning. Photographer and stage drive Ernie Mills took an early trip up to welcome the morning and was able to capture some amazing views.


The next few days are looking great for a visit to the Auto Road!

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  • Sowmya

    Could you please let me know whether mt washington auto road is open during the long weekend from oct 6 – oct 8 2012 and how safe is it to drive during this season.


  • meg

    We plan to be open this weekend, however with the ever changing weather we make the daily decision the morning of. It’s best to call ahead the day you are planning on visiting us. (603) 466-3988. If the road becomes unsafe-ice, snow, mud-when it rains ALOT on the hardpacked 1 mile section of grave, then we make a decision to close the entire road or part of it. See you this weekend!