A Trip on the SnowCoach

I had the opportunity to ride the SnowCoach yesterday, and words can barely describe how amazing it was. The mix of sun and clouds made for some pretty unique scenery. Our driver, Kate, gave us an amazing tour describing the sights along the route. There were some guests here from China enjoying the trip as well. As we ascended, the winding road we saw numerous Snowshoe Hare tracks. It’s pretty incredible how they have adapted to life in winter. They have large back feet that act as snowshoes keeping them from sinking down into the deep snow. They eat from the bottom of bushes where the snow isn’t as deep. For most of the trip we were the only ones on the road making it even more peaceful than it already was. At the 4,200’ mark, where we turn around, there was no wind at all to speak of. This is very rare for Mt. Washington especially in the winter where the winds average around 44 mph. The views looking out to the Northern Presidentials are breathtaking. I’ve been up the road about quite a few times and in the winter the mountains seem much more colossal.

Snowshoe Hare tracks along the Mt. Washington Auto Road.

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  • Richard Carpenter

    I made the trip in the Snowcoach today with a friend…..It was awesome!! Nine degrees at the base when we left with bright sunshine and almost no wind. It was the first time I’ve ever been on the Mtn with no wind, it almost felt like summer. Kate was our tourguide/driver and she did a great job..I think this will have to become an annual event.

  • Jason

    Took the trip to the 4200′ mark this past weekend. All I can say is….WOW! What an awesome experience. It was sunny and breezy at the bottom, but 45-50 mph winds and whiteout at the turn around point. We only stood out in it for a short time, but can honestly say that I’ve never experienced these conditions before in my life…..although coming from southeast Va may have something to do with it;) My guide was Paul and his knowledge added to the unforgetable experience. Two thumbs up……