Open to the Summit!

Warm weather and hard work by the Road Crew have allowed us to open to the summit. Each season, we hope to open to the summit by Memorial Day weekend, so we’re thrilled to be open all the way this early.

No guided tours yet, but you can drive yourself. We open at 8:00am.

I haven’t had a chance to make the trip yet, myself, but I hope get some photos later this week. Plus, I can’t wait to see the dramatic turnaround from last week!

See you soon.

– Ryan

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  • p

    Excellent!!! Kudos to everyone involved in getting the road open.

  • Anonymous

    Went to the top today, Tue 5-18. Amazing the difference in a few days since the video. Weather still holding, which seems to have helped tremendously. Thanks for opening early, or we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the trip on our vacation.Mike & SonyaLodi, WI