Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Mt. Washington Auto Road NH ATV Day  

Letter of Response


To the residents and visitors in our neighboring community:

On behalf of the Mt. Washington Auto Road and the New Hampshire ATV Club, we offer our sincere apology for the tremendous inconvenience caused by the NH ATV Club – Gerry Pomerleau Memorial ride, a special annual event that took place on Sunday, June 26, 2016.

The popularity of this event far exceeded anyone’s expectations. With the arrival of hundreds and hundreds of ATV carrying trucks and trailers in a very short period of time, traffic on Route 16 was tied up for hours as we did our best with nine parking crews working in six different parking locations, to get vehicles off the highway. With little turnover at the base area, due to folks extending their stay at the summit in ideal weather conditions, combined with the quantity of new arrivals, we quickly ran out parking availability.

In the interest of safety, we quickly decided to close until 2 p.m., to allow the parking situation at the base area to improve, upon which Auto Road staff, assisted by local and state law enforcement, were dispatched to communicate that message to event attendees waiting in traffic, and to facilitate the movement of through traffic on Route 16.

We understand that despite our best communicative efforts (both in months leading into the event and on event day), the traffic scenario that resulted was confusing, upsetting and greatly inconvenient for our neighbors, guests and visitors to our area. While we cannot do anything to change what has already occurred, we offer our assurance that we will make the changes necessary to ensure this scenario does not repeat itself, should we choose to continue this event.

We would also like to offer our tremendous gratitude to the Gorham Police Department and N.H. State Police, for helping us manage this unexpected situation in the safest way possible, for all involved.

Again, we apologize for the traffic delays and confusion caused by this event. Hopefully this will also serve as a portent for those currently planning the September ATV event in Berlin which is said to draw four times as many people as we had here.

Howie Wemyss
General Manager
Mount Washington Auto Road