Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Drive Yourself 

From Base to Summit, Find Adventure at Every Turn

Seasonally Available • Early to Mid May - October 20, 2019

Due to its remarkable location, weather, and history, the Mt. Washington Auto Road is unlike any other driving experience in the Eastern United States. A trip on Mt. Washington Auto Road is a one-of-a-kind experience offering ever-changing weather extremes, panoramic views and the opportunity to pass through four distinct climate zones as you climb to the highest peak in the Northeast.

The constantly-changing weather adds to the allure and mystique of the famous peak, often allowing visitors to experience high winds and dramatic cloud formations. With an average grade of 12%, a single mile of hard-packed gravel road around mid mountain, and above-treeline views beginning at 4,200 feet, this is truly one of the most spectacular drives in the Northeast!


Upon passing through the Toll House you will receive an envelope with a lot of very important information. Your famous "This car climbed Mt. Washington" bumper sticker-

as well as an audio tour on CD and instructions on the best way to ascend the road.  But don't have a CD player in your car? That's ok. We've got you covered. You can either borrow one from us- or click the following links and download the mp3s for yourself. There is a separate mp3 for traveling UP and DOWN. Make sure you download them both!


Audio Tour Up

Audio Tour Down

If you are a first time visitor who is not comfortable with heights or narrow mountain roads without guardrails, you may choose to enjoy one of our comfortable guided tours rather than driving your own vehicle. 
Safety considerations dictate that some vehicles cannot be permitted on the Auto Road.



Car & Driver $31
Motorcycle & Operator $17
Adult Passenger $9
Child (Ages 5-12) Passenger $7
Under 5 Yrs. FREE


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Driving the Auto Road is about a new experience at every turn, even if you’ve already driven it several times. Weather, foliage, views…they’re always changing and keep the trip exciting. Drive yourself and earn the famous “This Car Climbed Mount Washington” bumper sticker.

Auto Road bumper sticker this car climbed mt washington

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If you have any questions about driving the Auto Road yourself, please call us at (603) 466-3988.