Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

Guided Tours 

Seasonally Available • May 26, 2018 - October 21, 2018 **Update** 10/18/18- Due to winter conditions we are now closed for the season

Guided Tours offer a unique opportunity to learn the true nature and history of Mount Washington and the historical Auto Road. Driven by one of our accomplished and dedicated tour guides, your “stage driver” will offer stories, anecdotes, legends, history and insight into the ecological wonder of Mount Washington as well as point out interesting features and scenic opportunities from the base to the 6,288-foot summit.  

A trip on Mt. Washington Auto Road is a one-of-a-kind experience offering ever-changing weather extremes, panoramic views and the opportunity to pass through four distinct climate zones as you climb to the highest peak in the Northeast.

Keep those cameras handy because once you arrive to the summit, you’ll be surrounded by the 750,000-acre White Mountain National Forest, where views on a clear day may extend as far as 130 miles to Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec, and at times~ even the Atlantic Ocean!

But be prepared, as the Mount Washington summit reaches 6,288 feet into the clouds meaning you’re far more likely to experience some of the exciting weather extremes which Mount Washington is so well known for. Great for short videos to share with friends!

Also on the summit, you’re free to explore the many historic buildings and exciting opportunities available. Enjoy a historic stroll through the 1853 Tip Top House or find unique gifts at the Summit Stage Office. This is the building you’ll find chained down to the ground … the same building where the highest world record wind speed (observed by man) was recorded on April 12, 1934 … at 231 miles per hour!

Additionally, the Sherman Adams Visitor Center offers a cafeteria, restrooms and gift shops, while the Mount Washington Observatory offers the interactive “Extreme Mt. Washington Museum”. Admission to this recently completed summit museum is included in your toll or guided tour fee, and offers interactive displays as well as opportunities to experience just what it’s like on top Mount Washington during the extreme winter months!

Be sure to grab photos at the world-famous 6,288 feet summit marker!



2-HOUR GUIDED TOURS are available without reservation on a first-come, first-serve basis during regular Guided Tour hours. Online reservations available.

  • 30 minutes to and from the summit with our accomplished and dedicated tour guides in comfortable 12-passenger tour vehicles

  • 60 minutes on the summit to experience amazing views or exciting weather extremes; historic buildings, gift shops, and complimentary access to the Mount Washington Observatory’s interactive “Extreme Mt. Washington Museum”


RESERVE ONLINE Available through September 23, 2018

Reservations available online only, limited availability.  

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Available June 8 through August 31, 2018



  • A 3-hour guided tour with one of our accomplished and dedicated tour guides in a comfortable 12-passenger tour vehicle.

  • The opportunity to explore scenic points of interest along the Auto Road including options for walks, short hikes and discussions of history, flora and fauna.

  • Time on the summit to experience amazing views or exciting weather extremes; historic buildings, gift shops, and complimentary access to the Mount Washington Observatory’s interactive “Extreme Mt. Washington Museum.”


Discovery Tours will be available June 8 through August 31, 2018 by reservation, limited availability.

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If you have any questions about 3-Hour Guided Adventure Tours, please call (603) 466-3988.

June 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11


Bicknell’s Thrush is an extremely rare species with very limited breeding grounds. It is the rarest and most secretive of the breeding thrushes in North America and it is the only bird whose breeding is restricted to the Northeastern part of the continent. They usually breed at higher elevations, normally nesting above 3,000 ft. The unique and harsh climate is just what the birds prefer due to the combination of low vegetation and abundant moisture. The Mt. Washington Auto Road offers you a rare opportunity to view these obscure birds.


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