Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

2-Hour Guided Tours 

Available • May 25, 2019 - October 20, 2019

Guided Tours offer a unique opportunity to learn the true nature and history of Mount Washington and the historical Auto Road.

Driven by one of our accomplished and dedicated tour guides, your “stage driver” will offer stories, anecdotes, legends, history and insight into the ecological wonder of Mount Washington as well as point out interesting features and scenic opportunities from the base to the 6,288-foot summit. Guided Tour operating hours



  • 30 minutes to and from the summit with our accomplished and dedicated tour guides in comfortable 12-passenger vans that we typically put only 7-9 people on. Your journey up and down will be with the same Stage Driver.

  • 60 minutes on the summit of Mount Washington where you may experience amazing views or exciting weather extremes; historic buildings, gift shops, and complimentary access to the Mount Washington Observatory’s interactive “Extreme Mt. Washington Museum.”


Adult Round Trip $36
Senior (62+ Yrs.) & Military Round Trip $31
Child (Ages 5-12) Round Trip $16
Under 5 Yrs. FREE

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WALK-IN Available through October 20, 2019 (weather permitting)

  • 2-Hour tours are available without a reservation on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the day during our regular Guided Tour operating hours.
  • Upon arrival every effort is made to provide guests with a tour as soon as possible. Departures are usually within 30 minutes of purchasing tickets, however, on busier days longer waits are possible.
  • Mornings tend to be less busy.


RESERVE ONLINE Available through September 22, 2019

Reservations available online only, limited availability.  


If you have any questions about 2-Hour Guided Tours, please call (603) 466-3988.